tiistai 25. toukokuuta 2010

Pictures from Myllis

Here are some shots taken by Anssi Laatikainen from Myllis.

Supermario 8A+

Unusual Suspect 8A

It has been raining now for a couple of days, but today was finally dry so I hope tomorrow will be a good day for climbing outside. I'm planning to go to Liljendal with some of my friends and we will probably try a problem called Pukaron paroni. I've seen a couple of pictures of the route and it looked really good!

Hope it's going to be sunny tomorrow so we can chill on the pads and climb a little if we're not too tired ;)

1 kommentti:

  1. Mario looked a "bit" hard and demanding must say.
    It was easy to take ok pics though -because you got such a photogenetic climbing style.