torstai 29. huhtikuuta 2010

Off to Åland

Today we are leaving for Åland, an island between Finland and Sweden. It's going to be really fun because there's a lot of people coming from Helsinki.

I'm so motivated to go there because I'm starting to run out of projects here in Helsinki. So it's really cool to go to another area with lots of hard climbing.

It's raining today so there's a fat chance that we're going to be able to climb tomorrow. That kinda sucks, becauseI have many problems that I want to send and all of them are hard. So I have my hopes real high. I really wish it's going to be dry enough to climb at least most of them.

Here's my want to do list:

Mongooli 7C+
Supermartikainen ss. 7C+
Hello Africa 7C+

Drakguld 8A
Ålandsbanken 8A
Dodo assis 8A+

and of course the most important problem Normipäivä 8B

Nalle climbing Normipäivä 8B, picture by Marko Siivinen

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